Saturday, July 19, 2014

Adsense Ad Units Responsive, Limited Advertising Space Solutions

Perhaps there are many blogger friends who are still confused with adsense advertising blog, maybe if only just put up very easily but if the ads that we put not in accordance with the existing space in which you attach to template favorite blogs for sure the result will not disturb the view ??

Therefore has prepared for the ultimate weapon, the "Responsive Ad Unit" here you do not need to think about the size of the ads that you will apply to your blog, simply by adding ad units and you plug in your blog automatically space ads will adjust to the dimensions of space blog.

For example, if a blog which has a size of 200x75 ad space pxyang using responsive ad units, the size of the dimensions iklanya was quite satisfactory, which does not interfere with the comfort of visitors and fitted with advertising space :)

Responsive Adsense Ad Unit itself is the same with other ad units that can be parsed so that we can put the advertisement below, beside, above or in the midst of posting, when we put adsense ad units responsive to automatically post size will also change when we open through desktop and mobile.

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