Thursday, July 17, 2014

Quickly Indexed By Google Yahoo and Bing Webmaster - Learn SEO Part 1

If visitors want to find something when using the first of what will they find? of course, not a search engine? therefore SEO (Search Enggine Optimization) is needed by Blogger, to optimize our blog search engine certainly like Google, Yahoo and bing should be able to find the existence of our web site.

Blogs that without the index of the search engine will look dead (empty) without visitors even though we are always updating our website with fresh content. where the function of our blog to get the indexing search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing.

Sitemap is a list of contents and a description of what is in the blog / website, sitemap here is not that such content is on the page but in the form of an XML sitemap, XML is a language that is only understood by the search engines. For WordPress users can create a sitemap plugin, and for Blogspot users usually already integrated, as in the example below.
  • http://your
  • http://your
  • http://your  (recommendation for a blog custom domain)
After that submit your blog sitemap to webmaster
For google: Google Webmaster
For yahoo and bing: Bing Webmaster 

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1 Response to "Quickly Indexed By Google Yahoo and Bing Webmaster - Learn SEO Part 1"

  1. Kalo diblog baru kira-kira keindexnya cepet kagak ya gan?